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Take the pain out of getting paid

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1 out of 2 Freelancers Have  Problems Getting Paid... 

Does this sound familiar? You get a lead on a client. After a couple of phone calls and a lot of emailing, he gives you a job. You hustle to make sure it’s done well and on time. You send in your invoice. You’re proud of your work and you look forward to seeing the additional dollars in your bank account...

You Shouldn't Have to Hustle 

To Get Paid

A week passes. The client doesn’t answer. The invoice deadline passes. He still doesn't answer. You send him a reminder. What do you get for your effort? Silence.

That money, the money you earned and that he promised to pay you, is feeling farther and farther away.

If a client isn’t paying you it’s for one reason: they don’t take you seriously. And that's where Legal Letters comes in.